Mar 19, 2013

Crop For Mexico 2013

We're doing it again!!!  This event is fast becoming known as one of Calgary's BEST because of the food, the facility and the fundraiser!!!  100% of ALL money spent at this event goes towards helping build homes in Mexico for needy families!!!!

Our first year we made, $7001 and last year we made $9002, so this year we are hoping for $11003!!!

IMPORTANT CHANGE:  This year we are opening up all the classes, make & takes and garage sale shopping to the public!!!  So if you can't make the entire day crop, you can still sign up for classes and/or come shop and do some make & takes which will be running from 10am - 6pm.

Meanwhile, watch for further details on each instructor and the classes and make & takes that will be offered throughout the day!!!

Mexico Home Building 2012

 Mexico Home Building 2012

A 35 hour bus ride and we were finally in Mexico along the Baha peninsula where we got to meet your families we were building for and see their current "home"... a very humbling experience!!

This family was fortunate to have 1 small mattress to share between the 4 of them.

Meeting the children is both pure joy and yet hard as we can so identify with the parents and their desire to give their children the best life they can, but yet struggle with meeting the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing... and yet they smile :)

So off to work we go for about 4 days straight building a simple wooden home for the family.  We are careful to come alongside of them and help THEM build their home... we want them to have some pride and ownership in it and they are truly the hardest workers out there!!!

Home dedication day is soooo amazing and emotional as we hand over the keys for the new home to the families... lots of tears of joy and many many smiles! 

We gave this family a photo of all the ladies from our Crop For Mexico Fundraiser and he took great pride in including it in ALL the photos and was very moved to see all the "strangers from Canada" who cared enough to help him and his family... we can't begin to describe the impact and thank those of you who helped provide the $6000 needed to build each home.

We also get to go and visit the families that we have built for in the past!!  It is soooo very wonderful to see how their lives have changed for the better in just one year!!!  This family the father had dreamed that we would come visit them again and was extra proud to announce that they are expecting another baby!!  

So this was our group shot as we left for home... so very filled with an amazing experience that not only changed the lives of the families we built for, but ours as well... there is just something about giving to others in need that can't be adequately put into words... except to say that you will never be the same and never look at your own life the same!