Apr 11, 2012

Crop For Mexico Results!

So it was a most splendiferous day!!! In March we did our second "Crop For Mexico" at Grace Baptist and the support for this fundraiser was AMAZING!!  Take a look at this BEAUTIFUL group of women who came out to give their generous support to help build a home for a needy family in Mexico this summer!!!  

This year's Crop For Mexico has a neat "God Story"...  last year we raised exactly $7001 and we absolutely loved that extra $1 that put us there as it represented how important each and every $1 is!!!  So this year when all was said and done and we were counting the $, the total came to $8997!!!!  We were ecstatic at the amount but kept thinking, if only we had a few more dollars to put us over $9000!!!  We even debated throwing in an extra $5 of our own money, but decided that we wanted to be true to the actual amount as we had last year and so we left it but for some reason didn't feel like we should announce it yet so we didn't.  No reason why, just felt that way.

So the next week we went to get the mail and lo and behold there was a card from Jennifer Reynard who had volunteered her time to help with the garage sale part of the event and inside was a $5 bill!!!  She had helped take a few extra supplies to the thrift store after the event and inside a binder her son had found the money!!!  She felt strongly that it needed to go towards the event as someone had donated the binder and so here is now our final total...


So that means not only did we raise enough to build one complete home ($6000), but half of the second one too!!!!!  We are so overwhelmed with gratitude and so anxious to introduce you to BOTH the families that will receive a new life because of the generosity of these women!!!  And it will be sheer joy for us to introduce the families to you as we will for sure take the top photo of all of you with us to show them!!!

So from the bottom of our hearts... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 

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